Pre-purchase Building & Pest Inspections

Residential Building & Pest Inspections

What is a Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection?

  • An inspection of both the internal and external areas of the home.
  • Needed for the purchase/sale of a property
  • Inspection of all accessible areas in the home
  • We use thermal imaging to determine if there are any issues inside any wall cavities

Why do I need to do a Building & Pest?

  • Peace of mind when purchasing a property
  • Indication of whether the property will be financially viable once purchased
  • If the purchased property is an investment- with the intentions of putting in a tenant- indication of whether the home will be suitable for tenants without repair

What are you looking for in your inspections?

  • Looking at the visual appearance as well as the structural integrity of the building
  • Looking for the presence / signs of history of timber pests including termites
  • Looking for issues that may be missed by the naked eye – there are often issues within properties that are hidden and need a trained eye to see.

If you find something wrong – can you help me?

  • If there are issues found, we can provide referrals for industry specific professionals to rectify those issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who arranges my building & pest Inspection?

We will liaise with the current agents, sellers or tenants to arrange access to the property.

Is a building & pest inspection always necessary?

Building & Pest Inspections are neccessary for the buyers peace of mind when purchasing a property. By outlining any potential risks, the buyer has knowledge and the power to decide whether to go ahead with the purchase.

Do you inspect the roof void?

Providing the roof void is easily and safely accessible, it will be inspected. If the roof void is deemed by the inspector unsafe to enter, we will do all that we can to inspection it by other means. If there are any potential health risks from construction materials or electrical safety risks, access to the roof void will not be granted.

Do you use specialty equipment?

Yes, Auswide Inspection Group uses Thermal Imaging technology. The cameras will show things that are not visible to the human eye such as a water leak or termite infestation.

When do I get my Building & Pest Inspection Report?

You will receive your Building & Pest Inspection Report, via email,  within 24-48 hours of the inspection.

How long does a building & pest inspection take?

On average, a Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspection will take between 60 and 90 minutes to complete. These times differ depending on the size of the property and any difficulties during the inspection. An older house generally takes a bit longer to inspect.

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